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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Outfit | Black on Black on Black

Crop T-shirt: Primark
Shorts: Asos
Shoes: Nike
Glasses: Ray-Ban

Necklace: Argos
Earrings: Vivienne Westwood
Rings: Accessorizes, Vintage and Beau and Arrow at UO 
Watch: Calvin Klein
Nails: American Apparel Neon Yellow

I have a bit of a thing for layering. I always feel the need to throw on loads of things at once. Even in summer it would seem I can't stop myself.
To make the pieces more boxy and oversized I picked up the vest and T-shirt a few sizes up. I really am not a fan of tight or bodycon style clothes on me and especially if its warm. Loose pieces are definitely my go too.

To stop this being indecent I added my cycling shorts. They make anything that could be considered girly or too short much more manageable.
I tend to stray away from skirts just because I hate the feeling that you can't move around as normal without the threat of bending down and possibly showing the world your underwear. These shorts mean I can wear pretty much anything and not have to worry. Very important when you are as clumsy and uncoordinated as me!
Graceful and elegant, I am not!


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  1. I love it. Especially the "flowyness". Also I seem not to be the only person to wear a lot of black in summer :D

    1. I just can't let it go! Black is my favourite no matter the season! Thank you :)

  2. Love your jewellery and the bright nails!


  3. love the pop of ur nail colour!xxx

  4. Ah love this simple outfit. I love layering too-always suited for every weather possibility. Love your nails too, haven't painted my nails yellow for a while
    Lucia's Loves

    1. I had forgotten how much I love neon nails! Need some other colours :)