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Monday, 10 June 2013

Outfit | Black Yet Again

T-shirt: Cos
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Nike
Glasses: Ray-Ban

Necklace: Argos
Earrings: Vivienne Westwood
Rings: Accessorizes, Vintage and Beau and Arrow at UO 
Watch: Calvin Klein
Nails: American Apparel Neon Yellow

Even I'm getting bored of seeing me in black on this blog. Its only by taking photos of what I have been wearing this past week that I realise how flipping boring it must all look. I love dressing simply and its what I feel most comfortable wearing but I am starting to think it translates and just looking rather dull.
To make matters worse you cant really see the texture of my tshirt which is pretty much the only thing that makes this look a bit more interesting. In pictures the subtleties in black clothing really do get quite lost.

To add to my exasperation my hair had been getting on my nerves rather a lot lately as well. Its getting a bit longer than it has been for a very long time and its feeling very fluffy and the curls a bit lack lustre. I just don't know what to do with it. And I really could do with getting it coloured, I just loathe spending money on my hair when I could be spending it on clothes instead.
I've got some serious first world problems going on here I know!

Also as you may have noticed I have posted a few more outfits than I would normally this week. I got a new remote for my camera so taking outfit photos myself of myself has become a lot easier. What do you think? I like posting other content too but I want to post my outfits more regularly along side it.


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  1. Can't go wrong with wearing black!
    I love your hair, very pretty.


  2. i love the frequency you're posting with, tania! makes me a very very happy reader indeed :) i don't think your outfits are dull! it's a bigger challenge to make diverse outfits with just the same tone, and the silhouette of your outfits become more important... i love it! much love to you! janice xxxx

    1. Thank you so much, That is such a lovely comment! You have really made me smile :)