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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Photo Diary | Being a Tourist

Our second day in London last weekend was spent doing touristy activities. 
We started our adventure at the London Eye. I have been on it once before but that was when I visited London for mine and my sisters 13th birthday, so a fair few years ago now. And it was foggy then. So it really was great to do it again!

After some wandering around south bank we descended upon Giraffe. Lately I am obsessed with sweet potato fries so I just knew that whatever I ordered I have to get them. I could eat them by the bucket load. But its probably best I don't! And obviously I can't go to any restaurant and not order a dessert.

In desperate need to walk off the meal we then headed over to Green Park to see the Bomber Command memorial. My boyfriend's Grandfather was part of the RAF Bomber Command and his father and brother are both pilots so it was very important that we take the time to go and visit it. 

It was a lovely but very tiring day. I ended it by sleeping the whole journey back home to Brighton. I can never stay awake on any kind of public transport at the best of times!


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  1. Brilliant photos Tania. I love the Lego tube map. What's the story behind the skateboard graveyard do you think?

    1. There used to be a skate park on the south bank so i guess thats where they threw all their old boards and shoes :)

  2. Aw great photos. I wish I lived in London it's such an awesome city, but I do try to go as frequently as possible
    Lucia's Loves

    1. I love it too! Yea I'm the same, I live so close and almost feel guilty I don't go through more! :)