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Friday, 28 June 2013

Whishlist | Skincare

I will be the first to admit I am not a skincare person. I never try anything new and in all honestly I actively avoid it.
The main reason for this being that my skin is very sensitive. And I mean VERY sensitive. I have used the same Nivea Creme moisturiser and Simple makeup wipes since I was around 11 and anything I have ever tried in its place had lead to spots, angry bumps, rashes, the lot. You name it my skin hates it. 
Even the Simple light moisturiser covered me in spots.
I have even had problems with my skin from the hard water here in the south of England. Crazy as it sounds!
When I go back home to Scotland my skin improves no end. When in Brighton I really try not to use any water on my face as it upsets my skin. It sounds ridiculous but I think its just because it had gotten so used to the exceptionally pure and soft water back home.

The skincare I use, is what I use because It doesn't aggravate my skin. It doesn't really improve it in any way but it doesn't anger it either. I have always left my skin pretty much alone and it luckily on the whole seems to behave.

So I dont know if it is a foolish or wise decision to want to try the Emma Hardy Cleansing Balm. I have been reading reviews non stop and pretty much all of them are glowing. I don't know if its just the hype getting to me but I really want to try it. I wish they did sample sizes as I don't want to splurge the £34 only to be disappointed when it breaks me out. But I have that tiny glimmer of hope that my skin might not hate it. Foolish? Probably!

I am a devout Bioderma user. I use it daily to remove my eye makeup. But having run out today and not having been paid yet a new bottle is not really an option. Instead I want to try the L'Oreal Micellar Solution. It costs less than £5 and can be picked up on the high street. Far easier and cheaper than getting your hand on Bioderma.

Last year I ordered a tiny sample size of the Alpha H Liquid Gold exfoliator. My skin was getting really quite bad as I wasn't using my normal facial exfoliator. I was getting a rash from the water I had to stop using it. In its place I searched for a an exfoliator that I could use alone without washing it off.
When I came across Liquid Gold I ordered a tiny little bottle without much thought. I am so glad I did as I love it.
My skin has definitely looking more like it used to from using it. It very much helped get rid of some of the scarring I had from all of the spots and break outs.
I am currently out of this too and at £45 its not cheap but I will definitely be repurchasing it first thing on pay day.

This post turned into a bit of an essay on my skin rather than a wish list but sometimes I just go off on a bit of a tangent when I start writing!

If you have triend any of these or have any recommendations I would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Hello Tania! Just subscribed to you on here and YouTube and can honestly say I'm addicted. From reading this post I can highly recommend the skincare from No7, especially the Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser. I have really sensitive skin too which often gets really dry and stingy when I use harsh products :(

    Please could you visit my blog, im pretty new to blogging and could use a little help.

    Amber xxxx


    1. aw thanks o much, Thanks for the recommendation.
      I will do :)

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