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Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Closer Look | Products for My Naturally Curly Hair

Shampoo and Conditioner 

When it comes to shampoo's and conditioners I am not overly loyal. I much always use a silver shampoo and dandruff a shampoo for my not so glamorous sometimes dry and flaky scalp. I tend to buy something differnt each time I run out as to be honest I've never found anything that works much better than the rest.
The same can be said with conditioners. I tend to just pick up whatever. With the slight exception of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. But even then I only buy this when its on offer!
Its pretty regularly involved in some sort of promotion but if not I won't rush out to buy it full price. I wouldn't say it makes or has made my hair grow any quicker but it does improve the feel of my hair. When I use it it feels softer and less frizzy.


I have been using this combination of products for years. I'm talking since I was 11 when I started using products in my hair!
I have always used some sort of conditioning or detangling spray. When Lo'real discontinued my favourite one I just moved over the the next most similar thing that they made.
I have always always used this Shockwaves mouse. It costs less than £3 and does what it says it will! It doesn't leave my hair crunchy and helps keeps my curls under some sort of control.


Another item I am now very loyal too is the tangle teezer. For me its the easiest way to deal with the utter ordeal that is brushing my hair. I use the tangle teezer to (very slowly) brush out my hair before I wash it. It removes all the knots, tangles and general matted texture that my hair as acquired by the 3-5th day post wash.
Since discovering my love for the tangle teezer I also purchased the Tangle Teezer Aqua Spalsh which is specifically designed to be used with wet hair. If I suddenly lost it/broke it/didn't have it anymore for any reason I wouldn't be heartbroken but it is another useful tool to have in the battle against my unruly curls.
I also have an old paddle brush with I use more after I have brushed out all the tangles when its wet or when straightening my hair. Again only after I have used the tangle teezer.

Heat Styling Tools

I only bought this hair dryer as it came with a diffuser attachment. My old one got recalled and this was the only one my boots had that that I could exhange it for. It's good and does the job. I don't know what more can you really say about a hair dryer?!
I am a little more picky with my other heat styling tools. I have recently started curling my hair when it is already in its naturally curly state with the Babyliss Curling Wand. I use it just to go over my curls and make any straggly ones look like they have a bit more life in them. It heats up to 200 degrees and the curls don't tend to drop out. 

To straighten my hair I use my trusty old GHD's. These are my second pair. My first ones lasted a good 5 or so years of intensive use before I dropped them from a considerable height and cracked the plastic casing surrounding the plates. 

Lastly I have a fairly new addition to mention. I have only had the Remington Pearl Pro Curl Curling Wand for about 2 months but I don't know how I managed without it before. I only use this on already straightened hair as the barrel is far to large to mach up with my natural curl pattern.
When I do wear my hair in any kind of straight style I like to add loose waves. Previously I was using my Babyliss conical wand but it just wasn't achieving the look I was after. The Remington Pro Curl has a much larger barrel so it creates soft loose waves really easily.

That covers everything I use on my head! I obviously favour cheap haircare and when something works I tend to stick with it.
If you have any recommendations please do let me know.
I also have a video on all of these so if you want to see me chatter away about them check it out below!


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  1. Hello,

    First, I love your blog and videos.

    Second, I just saw your video on your hair routine. And I wanted to point out that you don't need the Aussie conditioner if your going to use the L'Oréal Elvive spray right after getting out of the shower. I've checked the link you posted and this product is meant to replace the traditional conditioner that you use after the shampoo.
    The purpose of conditioner is your help you comb your hair after washing it. So basically you've been using 2 conditioners. Although I'm not a hair specialist, my advice to you is use only one of them if you don't want to pay and use product unnecessarily.

    Good luck in NY.

    Best regards.


    1. Actually no. As it says on the bottle you should use the spray after shampoo and conditioner. And my hair definitely needs both