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Monday, 22 July 2013

New Additions | Bargain Crystal Iphone Cases

I love a tacky phone case. The more crystals and sparkly stuff the better. This may seem quite at odds with the more simple style of clothing I tend to opt for but I have an unexplainable weakness for sparkle! I definitely have some serious magpie tendencies.
I get asked quite a lot where I got my phone case from and the answer is always eBay.

It pains me to spend a lot of money on a case when there are always cheap options available out there. 
I recently ordered a new case that cost the grand total of £1.99. And thats including shipping! I have wanted an ombre crystal style case for a while but they are nearly always pink or blue. I much prefer plain crystal or black so this ombre case was perfect!

I am currently using the plain clear crystal case with the silver edging which cost £4.99, again that is including postage.
I can't recommend both of these cases enough. The quality is great, they are cheap and both came with a cleaning cloth and screen protecter sticker. 

I think they are both quite a bargain and wanted to share them with you!


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