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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Additions | eBay Makeup Brushes

I have had my eye on the much talked about real techniques make-up brushes for well, ever. I don't know what it is that stopped me picking them up but I just never really got around to it.

I saw this set of brushes mentioned on a beauty blog (which I now can't for the life of me find to link back to) and I thought I would give them a go.

At £12.99 I wasn't expecting a huge amount but I am honestly very impressed! I have never owned any of the real techniques brushes so I couldn't comment on how the quality compares but these are incredibly soft and do the job pretty damn well!

I have been using them for over a week and have washed them once so far and they have held up just fine. They come in the gold colour I have which you can see in the picture above, aswell as blue and also pink.

I can't recommend them enough for those on a budget. Or not, after all you can never have too many makeup brushes!


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  1. Definitely will be making a purchase of these!


  2. I really like them! cheap too! :)

  3. I really wanted tetra these
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