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Friday, 16 August 2013

Wishlist | Zara Double Breasted Coat

Can I have both?!
I currently can't afford either of these beautiful coats but that hasn't stopped me trying them on! 
I was in Zara a few days ago and the white version was literally screaming my name. In person it is so beautiful and incredibly simple. Just what I like, nothing fussy, no visible buttons or lapels.

Now I am fully aware that a white coat that is dry clean only is possibly the most impractical purchase in history. That has been the main reason for me not getting it, that and it is £70. I could have sworn it was marked at £80 in the store but I am not going to argue if its actually avalible for less!

If I am ever going to bite the bullet and actually buy the thing I would most probably have to take the sensible option and go for the black. 
Much as I can (and am) picturing myself swanning around in New York with a gorgeous white coat I just would be terrified of getting it dirty, and well lets face it, I am clumsy. I spill things, I trip over everything and I can see me ruining it in minutes.

I can dream though right?!


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  1. wow i love that coat, it's very COS? The white is beeaaautiful, but you're right the black is probably more sensible.. shame you can't have both, and only wear the white on your sensible days.. :)

    Bumble Speaks

    1. haha yes! I thought it was quite 'cos' looking as well! I would LOVE both. Lottery win anyone?! haha

  2. Hi, what a beautiful jacket. Can you tell me weather this coat is warm enough for the winter (off course with a big scarf?)

  3. I have just ordered this coat from zara.com in black! I love it! Does it run TTS?