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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Photo Diary | Columbus Day Parade


The Columbus day parade really was not what I was expecting. Bare in mind that the last parade I went to was the gay pride parade in Brighton. This was a little different!

It was mainly police and law enforcement personnel mixed in with some marching bands, and oddly enough some kilts and bagpipes!

I had to do a bit of googling when I got home just to find out a little more about it. Columbus day isn't a holiday we have in the UK and I clearly knew nothing about it or the origins of the celebrations. I now feel a little better informed, thank god for the internet! 

After the parade my friends and I headed to the west village for a slice of pizza and a little wander around. I seem to be developing a tiny bit of self control, they all headed for frozen yogurt, of which i had none and I managed to walk past this amazing looking bakery which cookies the size of my head and resist the temptation to buy one!

I'm not sure it will last!


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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Photo Diary | Banksy NY

Banksy is doing a month long residency in New York. He is creating/unveiling a new art piece each day in the month of October. I have been keeping up with it on instagram (@banksyny) and last weekend I decided I would go and have a look at one for myself.

I have no idea if these pieces have names but this one is at the corner of 10th avenue and 24th street.

It was a pretty weird expeirience. The last two pictures pretty much sum it up. Everyone queuing up, craning their necks to have look at it at most importantly photographing it. Me included.
There were security monitoring how many people where allowed in at once. The man at the entrance was rude, nasty and seemed almost happy to remind us that it was private property and if he didn't like how people where behaving he would have no problem shutting the whole thing down.
I don't know if thats down to a one man having a bad day at work or if thats part of the whole Banksy 'spectacle' and he was instructed to behave that way. I was glad I got to see it, but it was rather strange.

Living in the south of England (usually, obviously not at the moment) and being from the UK, seeing a Banksy is not that unheard of. There is one in Brighton and I have seen a few in London when out and about.  So seeing one in New York was novel but I wasn't treating it as anything incredible and life changing. Some people on the other hand really were.

I haven't tried to seek out any of the others, being that it is now the 26th of the month there are a fair few out there to choose from so I may stumble upon a few more while I am here.

Maybe the others have a bit less of a bizarre atmosphere.
Then again, maybe not.


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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wishlist | Loafers

1, 234

I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of loafer type things for ages. I want something simple, not fussy or remotely girly. Everythign I kept seeing was just a bit frilly or had studs or soeme other random design detail I really was not a fan of. Its harder than you might think to find something simple but still well designed. That or I am just being very picky.

I haven't worn anything other than trainers for weeks and weeks. I am stuck in a serious shoe shaped rut. But any of these would be incentive enough to make me want to smarten my act up.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Additions | Marc Jacobs Sample Sale

Finally a post on my sample sale purchases! I have been meaning to get this up for nearly a month now but time has just been running away from me. 

Trousers - Fall 2012
As you can see my exact trousers weren't presented on the runway but the dress in the same fabric sure was! These are a little 'loud' for me but I absolutely love them. In person the fabric is beautiful.

Jumper - Fall 2011
I'm still practically squealing with delight that I got this jumper. I saw a very similar on in Cos a while back and never picked it up. Now I have This beauty instead!

Coat Fall 2011
The one pictured isn't my coat but it is another version from the same collection. A friend of mine actually got that one in white but when I saw this navy (nearly black in person) sheepskin coat I knew I had to have it. I can't believe I actually want the temperature to drop so i can start wearing it!

Bra - Spring 2010 
Now I don't plan to wear it outside my clothes like it was styled on the runway, that might be a little too much. But for $10 I couldn't resist snapping it up.

Trousers - Collection Unknown
Unlike the rest of the pieces I have these don't have a style number and by eye I couldn't identify which collection or year these where from. I plan to ask at work and see if anyone recognises them but it isn't too important to me to find out. But I did enjoy trawling through the old Marc Jacobs collections on style.com trying to find them!


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Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Closer Look | Marc Jacobs Beauty

I don't really review makeup. To keep things completely honest I don't feel qualified! I love buying and using makeup but I do not feel like I know enough to be advising others on what is good and what is not. 
But I am am going to contradict all of that now by having a bit of a chat about my thoughts on the Marc Jacobs Beauty Items I was luck enough to receive in the goody bag at the Spring 2014 show

Eye Palette - The Shoe Gazer
I was really glad to receive some neutral eye colours. As far as I know the goodie bags where all different so there was no way of telling what was inside. I have worn the gold and brown shades a few times now and they are lovely. I haven't and probably won't use the blue. Its gorgeous but it just isn't for me. 
The packaging is so sleek I really love the look of everything being very simple but luxurious.  I never take eyeshadow out with me but I would love to pull this out of my bag as it looks rather posh! Very unlike the makeup I usually use. My last eyeshadow purchase was a Wet 'n Wild palette costing the grand total of $6, just to give you and idea of what I have to compare this too!

Lipstick - Seduce Me 
I really like this lipstick, both the formula and colour. Its very pigmented and doesn't have a really strong smell. Its sweet like Mac lipsticks but not as strong a scent. I have worn this shade on a couple of nights out (I rarely wear lipstick day to day) and it lasted well and I have nothing bad to say about it! I know a lot of people love buying luxury products and this one definitely feels it, the closure is magnetic and it feels and looks reassuringly expensive. If I wanted to treat myself I might consider getting another colour but through and through I am a high street/drugstore makeup girl and would find it difficult to part with my $30.

Mascara - Blacquer 
Its not the best I have used and I would not be rushing out to repurachse. It is a good mascara but its just too subtle for me. It is very separating and there are no clumps in sight but I like a much more in your face false lash kind of look. 
I have been using over the top of my usual mascara if I have time in the morning but just as more of an after thought. 
I have never bought a higher end mascara for myself and for that price I would want it to be the holy grail of all mascaras. This may be it for someone else but it is definitely not the one for me.

Overall I think t he quality of the products I have are great, the packaging is beautiful and if you don't mind spending the money and want a treat, I say go for it.
This will probably be my only experience of the line as it just is too highly priced for me but I have seen the nail polishes a couple of times in Sephora now and they might just tempt me!


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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Photo Diary | High Line and Chelsea Market

One of the first things I did when I arrived here was visit the High Line. The heat was still overwhelming even in September and lugging my camera around was the last thing I felt like doing.
On my day off last weekend I went for another walk around. I picked a bit of a grey day to take any pictures but I just love being there. It really is beautiful and I would definitely recommend going to see it to anyone. I haven't walked the whole length of it yet but I definitely plan to before I leave.

Eventually the rain drew me inside and I ended up at the Chelsea Market. Another place I will surely be going to see again. Even if it s just for lunch. The array of different foods and restaurants they have on offer is something else. Just thinking bout it now has me getting hungry again.
But we all know that isn't really a surprise. After fashion and clothing food is my next great obsession!


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