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Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Closer Look | Marc Jacobs Beauty

I don't really review makeup. To keep things completely honest I don't feel qualified! I love buying and using makeup but I do not feel like I know enough to be advising others on what is good and what is not. 
But I am am going to contradict all of that now by having a bit of a chat about my thoughts on the Marc Jacobs Beauty Items I was luck enough to receive in the goody bag at the Spring 2014 show

Eye Palette - The Shoe Gazer
I was really glad to receive some neutral eye colours. As far as I know the goodie bags where all different so there was no way of telling what was inside. I have worn the gold and brown shades a few times now and they are lovely. I haven't and probably won't use the blue. Its gorgeous but it just isn't for me. 
The packaging is so sleek I really love the look of everything being very simple but luxurious.  I never take eyeshadow out with me but I would love to pull this out of my bag as it looks rather posh! Very unlike the makeup I usually use. My last eyeshadow purchase was a Wet 'n Wild palette costing the grand total of $6, just to give you and idea of what I have to compare this too!

Lipstick - Seduce Me 
I really like this lipstick, both the formula and colour. Its very pigmented and doesn't have a really strong smell. Its sweet like Mac lipsticks but not as strong a scent. I have worn this shade on a couple of nights out (I rarely wear lipstick day to day) and it lasted well and I have nothing bad to say about it! I know a lot of people love buying luxury products and this one definitely feels it, the closure is magnetic and it feels and looks reassuringly expensive. If I wanted to treat myself I might consider getting another colour but through and through I am a high street/drugstore makeup girl and would find it difficult to part with my $30.

Mascara - Blacquer 
Its not the best I have used and I would not be rushing out to repurachse. It is a good mascara but its just too subtle for me. It is very separating and there are no clumps in sight but I like a much more in your face false lash kind of look. 
I have been using over the top of my usual mascara if I have time in the morning but just as more of an after thought. 
I have never bought a higher end mascara for myself and for that price I would want it to be the holy grail of all mascaras. This may be it for someone else but it is definitely not the one for me.

Overall I think t he quality of the products I have are great, the packaging is beautiful and if you don't mind spending the money and want a treat, I say go for it.
This will probably be my only experience of the line as it just is too highly priced for me but I have seen the nail polishes a couple of times in Sephora now and they might just tempt me!


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  1. I love the packaging, so sleek and sophisticated! x


  2. I love the packaging of the marc jacobs products, also the lipstick shade looks gorgeous, i could imagine this really suiting you :)