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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Photo Diary | Columbus Day Parade


The Columbus day parade really was not what I was expecting. Bare in mind that the last parade I went to was the gay pride parade in Brighton. This was a little different!

It was mainly police and law enforcement personnel mixed in with some marching bands, and oddly enough some kilts and bagpipes!

I had to do a bit of googling when I got home just to find out a little more about it. Columbus day isn't a holiday we have in the UK and I clearly knew nothing about it or the origins of the celebrations. I now feel a little better informed, thank god for the internet! 

After the parade my friends and I headed to the west village for a slice of pizza and a little wander around. I seem to be developing a tiny bit of self control, they all headed for frozen yogurt, of which i had none and I managed to walk past this amazing looking bakery which cookies the size of my head and resist the temptation to buy one!

I'm not sure it will last!


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  1. That is some serious self control! Those cookies look so good!
    lbbsteph.blogspot.com.au xx

  2. The day looks amazing, I am so jealous that your living in New York, everything looks so amazing!!! Hats of to you, I couldn't have done it, my excuse would have been 'go wild your in new york' but I guess living there you have to have a little bit of self control :)