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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Photo Diary | High Line and Chelsea Market

One of the first things I did when I arrived here was visit the High Line. The heat was still overwhelming even in September and lugging my camera around was the last thing I felt like doing.
On my day off last weekend I went for another walk around. I picked a bit of a grey day to take any pictures but I just love being there. It really is beautiful and I would definitely recommend going to see it to anyone. I haven't walked the whole length of it yet but I definitely plan to before I leave.

Eventually the rain drew me inside and I ended up at the Chelsea Market. Another place I will surely be going to see again. Even if it s just for lunch. The array of different foods and restaurants they have on offer is something else. Just thinking bout it now has me getting hungry again.
But we all know that isn't really a surprise. After fashion and clothing food is my next great obsession!


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  1. ahhh, your photos are so great. filling me with wanderlust! looks like a dream.



  2. This looks amazing! So jealous you're able to experience and see all these wonderful places! x