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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Photo Diary | Little Italy Food Market

I have never seen such a wide array of weird and wonderful food all in one place. A couple of weekends ago I headed to Soho to meet up with the ever so lovely Patricia and Micheal. Chances are you will recognise/know both of them from youtube.
We had a wander around and happended upon this massive food market which was going on in Little Italy. I'm pretty sure it was some kind of festival as I do remember seeing signs for it but honestly I can't for the life of me rember what it was called!

I love food. I can say that 100% eating is the best part of my day and to be surrounded by all these crazy foods was so so temping. Who knew 'mozzarepes' or 'tornado potatoes' even existed?! Certainly not me.
They only thing I actualy ened up purchasing was a cannoli. My boyfriend is quite the Sopranos fan and before I left he was talking about wanting to get some. So when I saw tray upon tray of them I had to try one.
It wasnt what I was expecting but it was really good. I maybe wouldnt get a chocolate covered one and then have powdered sugar on it too but I never can resist anything sweet!

Patricia also has uploaded a vlog from the day so if you want to see a little bit of our day in action you can watch it here.


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