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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Additions | Marc Jacobs Sample Sale

Finally a post on my sample sale purchases! I have been meaning to get this up for nearly a month now but time has just been running away from me. 

Trousers - Fall 2012
As you can see my exact trousers weren't presented on the runway but the dress in the same fabric sure was! These are a little 'loud' for me but I absolutely love them. In person the fabric is beautiful.

Jumper - Fall 2011
I'm still practically squealing with delight that I got this jumper. I saw a very similar on in Cos a while back and never picked it up. Now I have This beauty instead!

Coat Fall 2011
The one pictured isn't my coat but it is another version from the same collection. A friend of mine actually got that one in white but when I saw this navy (nearly black in person) sheepskin coat I knew I had to have it. I can't believe I actually want the temperature to drop so i can start wearing it!

Bra - Spring 2010 
Now I don't plan to wear it outside my clothes like it was styled on the runway, that might be a little too much. But for $10 I couldn't resist snapping it up.

Trousers - Collection Unknown
Unlike the rest of the pieces I have these don't have a style number and by eye I couldn't identify which collection or year these where from. I plan to ask at work and see if anyone recognises them but it isn't too important to me to find out. But I did enjoy trawling through the old Marc Jacobs collections on style.com trying to find them!


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  1. that coat!! so gorgeous, lucky you!xx


  2. You snapped up some lovely pieces - definitely a good investment. The jacket in particular is amazing :) Xx


  3. So unbelievably jealous! Such beautiful clothes, and can't wait to see posts of you styling and wearing these x