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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Outfit | Layer Up

Top: Tildon 
Vest : Cheap Monday
Jeans: Topshop Jamie
Shoes: Nike
Bag: Romwe
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Necklace: Argos
Watch: Calvin Klein

If I am ever undecided as to what to wear in the mornings, chances are I will throw on a load of black layers. This was definitely one of those days.
I have never bee one of those super organised people who chooses their outfit for the next day before they go to bed. I wish I was but i just can never be bothered!

I always choose comfort and what ever is weather appropriate first, I hate being too hot or too cold. Mix that with wearing pretty much all black all the time I can be rather boring!


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  1. You look great Tania! I hope you're enjoying being in New York :)