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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Photo Diary | All of the Lights

You can't get much prettier or more christmasy than Rockefeller Centre at the moment. I decided to go have a look around the other day after work, it was utterly freezing but so worth it.
Not being at home or near my family I do feel like I am not doing things I would be normal doing in the run up to christmas, and with working as well I have kind of missed out on that Christmassy feeling.

No longer!  I had gone to go and look at the big tree at Rockefeller Centre but got side tacked along the way by all of the other other mazing lights and decorations that seem to be all around.
Its hard not to feel a little festive. Especially at night when it looks even more special.

Every so often it hits me that I am actually here in New York. It sounds silly because obviously I never forget where I am but the amazingness of this experience just comes over me all over again!


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