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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Photo Diary | East Village

At the moment my monday-friday is is pretty hectic so my weekends off are pretty scared. Its the only time that is left truly and completely to me to decide how I spend it. 
One of the nice things about being here for an extended period rather than a week or so on holiday is you get to experience how a place really is. Not just a few snippets like you would as a tourist. And you don't have to cram everything into a short space of time either.

I like to not make too many plans on my days off. Its best to just spend it with friends, wandering around looking different places and areas in the city.  And of course when I am involved food usually finds its way in.

Although I work pretty close by I hadn't really been around the east village much before. So my friends and I went for a mooch around and ended up having burgers as a great place called the Bowery Diner.

It was a gorgeous sunny day as well so not doing too much was pretty much perfect.


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