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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Photo Diary | NY Made

American sporting events are definitely cater far more for those less interested in the actual sport. They make the whole event much more epic and far more entertaining with all the music, half time shows and all the goings on on the big screen.

I'm pretty sure I helped ruin the experience for my boyfriend by constantly asking what was going on and who everyone was.
I feel I have absorbed a lot of info on football and in particular the Newcastle team by living with him for the past year and a bit but I am utterly clueless about basketball, the rules, the players and all the random timeouts leave me slightly baffled.
I went in knowing that you score in the basket and thats about it.

Despite my clear lack of knowledge I had such a good time. We got tickets super last minute (literally the day before) and opted for the cheapest we could find but honestly it didn't effect our experience at all. Its one of those things I never would have done if my boyfriend hadn't really wanted to but I would definitely go again.
I'm thinking of seeing what the Brooklyn Nets have to offer next time! The Knicks have set the bar pretty high.


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