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Friday, 21 February 2014

Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Show

Bill Cuningham
Marc Jacobs
Anna Wintour
Just some of the pieces I worked on
Celeb Spotting
Sarah Paulson (the Supreme)
Joe Jonas and Alexa Chung
Hanneli Mustaparta and Miss Jay (Jay Alexander)
The always Amazing Grace Coddington

Where do I even start? The show was incredible. The entire night feels like I dreamed it, I am starting to ask myself if I was really there?  If I didn't have my pictures as proof I might not be sure.

I can't really put it to words what it felt like to see all the hard work, time and energy that we put into the collection be shown, shiny and finished presented on the world fashion stage.

In the office we work on broken up parts of the big picture. Garments here, fabrics there, trimmings, zippers, patterns, swatches and sketches. Seeing everything come together in such a beautiful way is a massive realisation of what we are all working towards.

I am coming near to the end of my internship and am getting a bit emotional and reflective but I could not be more honoured to be part of this collection and am so proud of everything I have done to help it come together. My part is small if course but every small job adds up.

The setting at the Armoury was stunning, clouds floated above the catwalk and Jessica Lange's voice accompanied the models as they looped around the (incredibly long) runway.

I was spotting people and snapping away from the sidelines, some of my pictures of the celebrities in attendance turned out to be less that perfect so some of my picture are borrowed from style.com. I would like to make it know that the GIFs are my own! It was amazing to see Bill Cunningham jump up off his chair next to Anna Wintour and start snapping away! Then to See Anna herself run off after Marc as he took his bow and the end of the show. I felt they couldn't be represented with still images.

I did see a fair few celebrities for myself, my fellow intern and I coincidentally where working on the sleeves of the dress Alexa ended up wearing to the show. And as I exited my cab outside the venue Bill Cunningham snapped my picture as I attempted to navigate my way around the slush lined streets and into the Armoury. 
I still pinch myself thinking I'm even getting a glimpse into this surreal world.

It was capped off by seeing the brilliant Grace Coddington as she walked right by me smiling and laughing as she left the show.

I have two weeks left at Marc Jacobs and 4 weeks left in New York. Its not over yet but this is a pretty amazing way to help round things off.


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  1. What an incredible experience! Sounds like you've had a blast!