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Friday, 28 February 2014

Photo Diary | Tea & Sympathy

Having been in the good old US of A for for 6 months now its getting to the point were I am really starting to miss things from home. One of the biggies being food. A few of my friends that are out here are also from the UK so we decided to indulge our cravings and head on over to Tea & Sympathy.

As soon as you step through the doors you feel like you are in an old english tea room. It reminds me a lot of places around where my grandmother lives in Kent. Very quaint indeed. The place is owned and ran by English people so it doesn't feel contrived or fake just very strange stepping from the streets of Greenwich Village New York into England in under 10 seconds

I opted for a (real!!) bacon sandwich and then apple crumble and custard. Not really two things that go together but the heart wants what it wants! Most deserts I have had here are served cold and it drives me mad! I want them warm! Cold apple pie just doesn't do it for me.
The food was delicious and really just what I needed after the past crazy and hectic few weeks.

The service however wasn't the best. It wasn't bad per say just felt rushed and unfriendly. Like we where in the way more than anything.

If you wish to purchase any British products or food they have a shop next door and aside that they have a chip shop called "A Salt and Battery" which I personally think is brilliant!


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