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Saturday, 22 March 2014

New Additions | Peter Pilotto for Target (take 2)

Yesterday I found myself in Target. My boyfriend is actually to blame for all this, he spotted the clearance section.
To my surprise it was stocked full of the peter Pilotto for Target collection. I have a post on the pieces I originaly picked up (for full price I might add!!). As you can see I scored these bits at quite a reduction.
My sister also ended up with a few bargains, one of the best being two pairs of the the trainers/shoes for only $9 a each.

These are really things I don't need, my suitcases (plural!) are already bursting at the seams but I seriously couldn't help myself.


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  1. You definitely grabbed yourself a few bargains. I mean $9 for trainers is ridiculously brilliant lol X


  2. So jelly! I wish they were on sale in the UK! x