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Sunday, 9 March 2014

WishList | Cheap Monday

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Hands up. I'm obsessed with Cheap Monday. 
Its one of my all time favourite brands. They create simple yet interesting wearable clothes that are always a little different than whats out there on the high street.
Best of all they are affordable!

Whilst I working at Urban Outfitters I it was even more affordable as I could use my staff discount when making purchases. Even though I don't work there anymore I would still go with Urban or Asos for my cheap monday fix.
Both usually have great sale discounts on Cheap Monday stuff if you keep an eye out and don't just check the women's section. Some of my favourite pieces are from the mens department. 

I am not really bothered by branded clothes in general. Whether something is from primark, a charity shop or is by a high end designer if I like it (and can afford it!) I will buy it. But more often than not I want to buy everything Cheap Monday make.

I find myself really drawn to their clothes and when ever I pick something new up it just slots in to my wardrobe like it was always there.
You can't ask for much more than that.


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  1. Love these Tania, Cheap Monday is definitely one of my favourite brands!