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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Photo Diary | Buddakan NYC

I seem to have overlooked an entire folder of pictures from my time in New York. I have at least 10 more posts worth of pictures but I may have to cut that down somewhat!

One I had to get up on the blog was my meal at Buddakan.
All I can say is wow. This was one of the most amazing meals I have had. I love food so this is high high praise! On our visit we opted for the tasting menu. Your party has to reach a minimum number of people and your entire table has to order it but I can't recommend it enough. We didn't even hesitate, the menu is so extensive that it was so hard to choose as it was. With the tasting menu you get a little bit of everything which I think is such a great way to see what a restaurant has to offer.
I didn't manage to photograph everything as there was so much food and so many different dishes but from the few I have you can see how incredible the food looks. And trust me it tasted even better.

Should you find yourself in NYC I strongly suggest you pay a visit.


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