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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New Additions | Beach Ready

Bikini Top Bottom

So these may just be the worst photos ever put up on this blog. Its raining and super gloomy so I am going to blame that and not my questionable photography skills!

The weather is miserable but these beauties just arrived through my door and my mind is in much sunnier climbs. I go away on holiday in two weeks and I could not be looking forward to it more.

Its no secret that I live in layers and layers of black clothes. And I mean all black all the time. And thats fine for me 95% of the time. However it tends to all fall apart for me when the temperatures rise. Head to toe black doesn't really work in the heat and I am going on a beach holiday! So I sought help in the Asos sale section.

I emerged three playlists, a pair of shorts and a bikini later. All for a very reasonable price I might add!
Aside from the black number none of these are really my usual style. But for a weeks holiday I don't really mind too much. I would much rather feel cool and comfortable than anything else.

I plan to do some sort of holiday style diary or something along those lines (provided I can rope a member of my family in to help me) so you may even get to see me in a bit of colour! 


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