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Friday, 22 August 2014

Outfit | Backless

Bodysuit: Vintage
Belt: Spanish Market (on holiday)
watch: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Aldo

In a desperate big to inject some life into this blog I am resorting to Instagram pictures! I just haven't been on it with taking outfit snaps so apologies for the potentially terrible quality of the next couple of posts.

Hands up I don't go out very much. So when I do I try and get some sort of picture evidence! This time is thanks to my friend Matthews iphone 5 and can I say his superb outfit capturing skills.

I love this bodysuit and I really need to get some more high-res images of it as you really cant see any details here.
I am not a fan of low cut or cleavage baring garments but low or no back is just fine with me. It does pose the 'what on earth do I do about a bra' question but luckily for me going sans bra is not a problem. I just reach for some (deeply unattractive) adhesive backed nipple covers. I got these ones on eBay and they work just great for providing just a tiny but of  extra coverage. May seem like a bit of an over share but I have been asked a few times now about it.

These shoes however are so near the end of their life. I have worn them to death since buying them a year and a bit ago. I am on the look out for their replacement as several of the straps are so close to breaking.
They were well worth it and I know I could get another pair that are similar but I am on the look out for something a little different.


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