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Friday, 5 September 2014

Outfit | Silver Skirt

Black Duster Coat: Urban Outfitters (sale)
Black Crop Top: Urban Outfitters 
Silver Skirt: Pippa Lynn At UrbanOutfitters 
Shoes: Vagabond (sale)
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Watch: Calvin Klein
Necklace: Argos
Rings: Accessorize, Vintage and Street Sellers

This one is a little different to my usual all black/jeans/t-shirt/trainers uniform. I don't usually go out with this much skin on show but I think the skirt looks better without tights. And with the long coat I am not quite as exposed! 

I usually feel more comfortable being more low key and obviously more covered up but Its good to try new things! I have to tell myself you are a girl Tania and its only a skirt, its no big deal!


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