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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Photo Diary | Riot of Colour

I mean which pictures do you leave out?! There is just so much going on!
This may only be about half of  the original number I took and there are still far too many. But this is my blog so I can make the rules.

I have searched high and low to see if this exhibition/interactive painting experience had a name but I can't seem to locate one. This was at the New Museum (previous post here) in New York when I visited in March. I didn't don overalls and join in but I did spend a long time looking and taking (too many) pictures.

I love that every inch of the room can can be reached is covered with colour and doodled on. There didn't appear to be any rules or restrictions and I love that this took up an entire floor in the museum. Everything is pristine, clean and white in the rest of the building until the elevator doors opened  up to reveal all of this.


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