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Monday, 1 June 2015

My Final Collection

Garment and Fabric Design
Tania Hinds 

Pattern and Garment Production
Horace NG

Jack Pasco (link)

Georgia Hope (link)

Laura Webb

Urban Outfitters (link and they are on sale!)

So here it finally is, my final collection. The past week since I finished has been so busy with graduate fashion week and of course a few celebration that its taken me a really long time to get around to posting this. And honestly I was a bit scared to do it. It feels so personal like I'm exposing myself a little a bit but I had to get over myself and stop being stupid! Ive never been one to shout about my work or put it online but now that its all done expect a few more posts after this one as I do want to share it.

My degree was in textiles and there was no actual requirement to produce garments but that was always my aim.
I designed and wove the fabrics, had the fabric professionally dyed and finished, designed the garment shapes and worked with my very talented friend Horace Ng to create the patterns. Then only after all that they were sewn up into the seven garments you can see here. There are seven in total, more than I has originally planed but I had quite a lot of fabric to work with so it meant I could create more and it seemed a shame to waste it.
There are two pairs of trousers, two T-shirts, a dress and two bra tops in all in different fabrics.

And thanks for sticking around while I was absent, Im very excited to get back to blogging over the summer!


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