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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

New Additions | Topshop Magnificent

Saw these a few months ago, fell in love, bought them, the end.

Its pretty much that simple! I tried these on first time just before my birthday which was in mid November. Thats how long it took me to decide to take the plunge.

It is ridiculous really, because I wouldn't normally think twice about making two smaller purchases separately which would add up to this amount, but for some reason when its a slightly higher price on just one item I get very reluctant to part with my money. And we are only talking about £80, I have no idea how people decide on designer brand purchases that cost hundreds, I bet I'd be agonising over my choice for years!

But back to the boots, the description calls them 'sock boots', they are meant to be very slim on the ankle, unsurprisingly they aren't as slim as that on me. I purchased these in a size 8, I always have to size up from my usually 7 in pointed boots, and on my thin (some have said chicken legs!) there is a little more space around my ankle but I don't really mind. It tends to be what happens for me.
I love the style, the heel height won't be one that I can wear everyday or all day but more and more I prefer to dress up that little bit more when I'm not at work. 
I live in trainers as I am on my feet all day so given when I don't have to I want to be wearing items that I love and that give me a bit of separation from what I wear when I'm working.

Thats how I justify it anyway, sometimes you just have to buy the shoes!


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  1. I tried the brown ones on in store in my usual size (UK 6) and they fitted perfectly. Upon trying my purchased pair at home, they were extremely tight. I knew the leather would eventually stretch in time but I couldn't be bothered to wait for that to happen so returned them :( I'm glad they fit you well as they're gorgeous boots Xx