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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Wishlist | Black leather tote bag

I have been looking for a new everyday/work bag for quite some time. I love my bag inc 'Victoria' bag but I want something a little different. 
I hate to admit it has turned into a slight obsession trying to find the perfect black leather tote bag. I knew I was picky but I hadn't realised quite just how specific I was with my requirements!

I am looking for a large but not too large leather tote bag, that preferably has a has a lining, the straps can't be too thin, as I tend to cart around too much stuff and it will get heavy. Inside compartments or pockets are a plus and I would like some sort of closure or zip on the top to protect my items should it rain. I want it to be completely plain, with only a small or ideally no company logo, good quality leather, but without the crazy high designer price tag, and it must be black. Obviously.

Not much to ask right?! Perhaps a bit ridiculous, after all, it is only a bag. But surprisingly I have found a few that fit my unrealistically long list of criteria. Unfortunately both companies currently only ship to the USA and Canada but fortunately for me should I decide to take the plunge I am going to be in New York in a few weeks so I could order one and have it delivered there.

Now if I could only decide between them...


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