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Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Closer Look | Ray-Ban RB6355 Glasses

Glasses: Ray-Ban

Say hello to my new(ish) glasses. If you follow me on Instagram then these aren't really that new. I got them around this time last year but somehow they have only been in one or two posts on the blog. I'm blaming 2016 because me for me it was the year blogging forgot!

These frames official title is the Ray-Ban 'RB6355'. According to Ray-Ban's website they are available in 5 colours, mine are the gunmetal and black, and I'm pretty sure they come in more than one size. I haven't found them available online but I know someone who has the exact same frames but the lenses are smaller in diameter.

The lenses in mine have a fairly noticeable purple reflection. This is only down to me choosing to add an anti-reflective coating to the lenses, which reduces glare when using screens. I don't notice any change in colour when wearing them but it is more noticeable to others in photos and in person.

I had been on the lookout for new frames for about two years before getting these. Not seriously searching just keeping my eyes open for inspiration. I loved my old clubmasters but I'd had them for years and felt like a change.
I'd been and tried on a few pairs at my optician, and on the day I decided to take the plunge I was actually intending to go with a similar style from another brand. Instead, these were on the display next right to them and I made the snap decision that they were it. 

Maybe not the best way to evaluate making a big purchase but it worked out this time!


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