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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Life | I'm not a pro blogger

Well, it's all in the title, isn't it? I am not a professional blogger, or vlogger or 'influencer' or whatever.

You know when you have been thinking on a subject for a while and just need to get those thoughts down in writing? That's what this post is. I don't even have a picture to make it look nice, it's just a big old mess of words all about my place on the internet.

I am someone who started putting my thoughts out there on the internet in 2011. (I had to double check that because I couldn't quite believe it's been 6 years!)

I won't pretend seeing super slick and impossibly perfect blog posts, youtube videos and beautifully curated Instagram feeds don't make me question what I put out there, make me think its not good enough. That people won't want to have a look or a read of my blog because of it not looking a certain way. 
I, like most people, can be guilty of comparing myself to others, especially those that are very successful and good at what they do.

But I have to remind myself I don't have a team. This is something I do for fun, in my spare time around a full-time job.

I used the webcam on my old MacBook for Youtube for a few years, eventually upgrading to a better video camera a while later. A DSLR camera was a 21st birthday present and my blog started after that.
That's it, that is my equipment. No special backdrop, no photographer, no videographer to film and edit for me. And you know what?! I am just fine with that.

Everything I've learned I've taught myself. From editing to a bit of HTML, domains, analytics, youtube, affiliate programs, blogger, and working with brands. This has all been done through google, tutorials, asking other bloggers advice and reading a LOT of step by step guides. 

Don't get me wrong, I follow many bloggers who are all the things I'm not, of all different styles, sizes, and levels of popularity.
There will always more I could learn and improve on but I don't want that prevent me from getting my thoughts out there. 

I love the blogging community, I interact with so many amazingly talented women that I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. We have connected over shared interests and passions and I never want to lose that. Not to mention YouTube taught me every single thing I know about makeup. At least 80% of the beauty products I buy are from recommendations from a blogger or vlogger. 

As long as I have a passion for producing content it doesn't matter if it's not perfect, everyone is different and this is my blog and that's what matters.


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