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Friday, 21 July 2017

Life | My style of blogging

To follow on from my post about not being a pro blogger I felt like getting some more of my thoughts out there.

I wanted to explain and share how I do things.

Of course, this is my area of the internet, nobody but me decides or governs what I do, say or talk about. And that is why we all started blogging isn't it? To share our own thoughts, reviews, and pictures.

I would like to say I blog from a place of honesty. I buy everything I talk about, myself. I've been out of the blogging world too long to have worked with any brands for a while but back when I did, I always disclosed that item as a gift.

In terms of outfits and hauls I share here and on youtube, I create all that content with things I have bought to wear. Not to blog about.
I want to share things I've added to my wardrobe that I do and will continue to wear. 
I buy more than some people and less than others, but I keep everything. Outfits I show here are ones I actually wear. Mostly those are day to day and occasionally something a little more fancy like a wedding or special occasion.

Everyone does things differently, and so many bigger bloggers get sent more items in PR than they could ever wear so it's completely reasonable that they can blog about a new outfit every day. And of course, there is nothing wrong with that. 

I just feel like saying that isn't how it works for most of us, and definitely not for me! I like to buy new things, don't we all?! But I try and keep things as realistic as possible here.

Very often you will see a breakdown of my outfit and I have offered alternatives to what I'm wearing as the actual item I have on is old and no longer available. Becuase I continue to wear things I've had for a months or years.

I'm not a pro and I treat my blog as a fun hobby. I have always and probably will always have a keen interest in fashion and all things new and developing the digital world. 
None of us probably ever imaged blogging would create such wildly successful careers, with endless opportunities for monetization and progression. 

This is a topic I could talk about ad nauseam but I will restrain myself!

In short, I share things I like and wear, I don't buy a new outfit just to take pictures of it. I share little bits of my life along with things I choose to wear. And I do it because I enjoy it. When that stops, I'll stop blogging!


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