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Monday, 18 September 2017

A Closer Look | Essence Cosmetics

essence cosmetics

All at Wilko

Hands up who else had heard of essence but did't know it was available in the UK?
Well Wilko are here to help! I have no idea how long they've stocked the brand as there isn't a Wilko store in Brighton and its not somewhere I check online regularly/ever. But
after finding out I wanted to try some items out for myself. 

I received this order a few days ago, and a couple of the items are already no longer available on their site so maybe they were older launches or they just had limited stock.
I haven't tired out everything yet but of the the ones I have the eyeliner and brow gel are great. Very affordable and I can't fault the performance.
I'm still testing the mascaras but again nothing bad to say just not sure if there are a 'love' level or not.

My only real miss so far is the gel topcoat. I have high standards with nail polish and am comparing this to two of my all time favourites (Seche Vite and Essie Gel Couture) and it chips way way to quickly for my liking. I think this is one i'll just use on my toes, it gives a great shine but just not hard wearing enough for me.

There are more things i'd like to try and for the price, there isn't much stopping me placing a second order!

Is there anything you love and would recommend?


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